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Coffee with Legs?!

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

At the southwest corner of the Plaza de Armas (Santiago´s main square), there is a lively pedestrian walkway called Paseo Ahumada, it is a good place to get a feel for life in downtown Santiago.

If you would like to exchange your money to the local currency it is a short walk to Agustinas Street, where most of the “Exchange Houses” are located.

Following one trip downtown, one of our guests John, went to an exchange house, and that evening he arrived at Casa Newen very enthusiastic. According to him he had discovered a very exiting Coffee Shop, where all the pretty waitresses were in mini skirt!… and the coffee was very good as well.

“Café Haiti” located at Paseo Ahumada, has maintained its position as the icon of Santiago´s coffee shops, for half a century. Its shops do not have tables or chairs, only a big bar, were hundreds of clients enjoy its unique ‘espresso’… and of course what the generous neck line and mini skirt reveals!
Another similar style coffee shop is Café Caribe.

There are other “Cafés con Piernas” only suitable for adult men.